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Vortex Design Solutions / Building Compliance  / When Building Compliance Meets Space Planning (Part 2)

When Building Compliance Meets Space Planning (Part 2)

Compliance impacts everything that happens behind a wall, floorboard or ceiling panel entrusted to the designer who works together with a professional engineering team to streamline the application of building compliance. Time and attention is allotted to the intricacies of each engineer’s speciality and effect on the space, be that how the size of an aircon duct will affect the height of a ceiling in a reception and meeting area versus rerouting an aircon duct to maximise a particular space.

Combined consultation allows us to create, for example, a more effective impact for visitors entering a reception area with a key light feature or high ceilings and projectors in a meeting room which has a positive impact on enhancing every square inch of the tenants’ property and make their clients want to return to meet in an enchanting space. This has a positive return on investment for our client which saves them money and time travelling to expensive conference rooms.


Another common element to consider is the differentiation of white and red plugs. White plugs are most common in kitchens, vacuuming and charging cell phones but did you know that red plugs should only be used for electronic equipment such as an IT server and computer equipment? These two types of plugs run on separate electrical circuits with normal appliances i.e. irons, kettles and fridges having the ability to trip the “red plug” or “dedicated circuits’.

Red plugs exist to protect your office televisions and computers and when installed correctly the electrical system is designed to separate off the items which can “fry” your electrical circuits and in so doing “fry” your very expensive equipment. The distinction needs to be made to protect your critical equipment from power surges – therefore protecting you from loss in the event of operational setbacks due to electrical failures.

We will plan the space so that sufficient plugs, according to requirement, are positioned for vacuuming and charging everyday equipment and when working with engineers they, in turn, will ensure that all electrical circuits have the correct load calculation so that you are compliant. This avoids an electrical fire, tripping of circuits and ensures you have a compliant electrical Certificate of Compliance (COC) to mitigate your risk.

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