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Entry Phase:

Comprised of design packages in 3 tiers to cater to small medium and large enterprises for retail and commercial. With residential, sections of house refurbishment can be purchased, tiered up for full apartments, houses.

Exclusions coming soon:

2nd Phase:

If we are required to procure contractors and oversee fit out, Project management of installation will be overseen at 10% of cost of installation.

3rd Phase:

Any design package requiring design and fit out with architectural and engineer involvement exceeding the size of what we offer will be passed onto trusted affiliates for design and implementation.

Commercial Sector:

Exclusions coming soon:

More than 1 floor to be negotiated

Retail Sector:

Exclusions coming soon:

Franchises to be negotiated

Large scale Hospitality is excluded with an exception for guest houses.

Restaurant back of house kitchens to be done by specialist

Franchise retail and restaurant outlets to be negotiated

Medical practices with the exception of chemists

Supermarkets and grocery stores with the exception of privately owned café’s

Butchers and Abattoirs

Residential Sector:

Exclusions coming soon:

  • Specialist landscaping
  • Architectural involvement priced separately
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