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Vortex Design Solutions / Covid-19  / How Covid-19 Disrupted a Business Ecosystem

How Covid-19 Disrupted a Business Ecosystem

In Interior Design with Building and Construction sectors, navigating clients and projects that fluctuate between time and cash flow; in over a decade, none have impacted as negatively as COVID-19. South Africa’s full lock-down meant that the corporate sector evacuated their offices with no requirement for interior designers or office renovation.

Building sites are currently at jeopardy of closure due to the fear of their workforce falling ill unexpectedly. Fear may also cause workers to leave their jobs alternatively be laid off due to the fluctuating sick leave workers would need to log, for job retention.

Furthermore, industry tradesmen are exposed to densely populated conditions most of the time with electricians, builders, plumbers and site foreman, work on a building site simultaneously. To ensure social distancing, building sites had to pause work indefinitely, until more clarity on best practice is provided once we are allowed back “at work”. 

The availability of materials would be most affected. Materials required for building and project internals are manufactured in factories. At this juncture international procurement of materials are on hold to prevent the spread of the virus, gain knowledge on containment and monitoring. Our local trade and industry need to be promoted as well as the preservation of local resources to not only guide us through this time, but become the backbone of our new economy.

Vortex Design Solutions has ensured internal staff work from home, our existing virtual business server and cloud-based project management software manages our workflow, the major addition being virtual meetings. We are currently working on several collaborative projects that will help to improve the sustainability and continued growth of the interior design, building and architectural industries. 

Technology and collaboration are at our core, we would not have progressed to our present evolution without strategic business partnerships. Since our inception, we have utilised technology internally and plan to extend our trade to consumers via an online platform to share and inspire design on a universal level. 

Raghmah Solomon | CEO Vortex Design Solutions

Post pandemic we will be able to gauge how COVID-19 disrupted a business ecosystem as a whole and more collaboration across industries is vital. As a creative-minded business, we look to work cross-sector with companies that have essential products we require to build up our business, working together to boost our local economy.

To find out more about how Vortex Design Solutions can help your business or project, contact us to discover how you can get through COVID-19 through creative innovation.

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